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Welcome to 'Ridge Reveals'

Ridge Reveals… your local guide to what’s on in Gippsland and what to expect from your luxury getaway in the rolling green hills

Hello and welcome to Ridge Reveals. Are you ready to snuggle down with a cuppa and unwind? Then you’re in the right place. Ridge Reveals is our new community space where we share our passion for all things Gippsland, our love of hosting and the local insights that let you squeeze the most joy out of your stay at The Ridge House.

You'll be a Gippslandian in no time

The Ridge House is a home with a warm heart. Our guests adore their stays and we think it’s time we shared some of our best-kept secrets in our new community space. Staying at the Ridge House is an immersive experience where you’re enveloped in warm country hospitality and seduced with open fires, woolly blankets and a cheeky local red. It’s about slow living and reconnecting with what is important to you.

Choosing to stay in. Wind down. Settle into the pace of country life. Or venture out and embrace everything that magical Gippsland has to offer.


Come and share the experience

Since we opened The Ridge House in April 2019, we’ve been carefully curating a list of hidden gems, local-only knowledge and must-visit places to share with our guests during their stay.

And now, we’re sharing them with you.

So, pour yourself a cuppa and come explore The Ridge House and surrounding Gippsland, as we put everything we’ve learned about this beautiful part of Victoria into words.

What to expect

Ridge Reveals will let you in on our favourite local tips (the things you won’t find anywhere else) and what to expect when you stay at The Ridge House.

Discover what to do in Gippsland including the best hiking trails in West Gippsland, the most romantic places to picnic, the best playgrounds to take the kids, hidden swimming holes, historic local towns, the freshest produce (with incredibly low food miles), places where the locals grab their coffee and where the real foodies go to eat.

STAY CONNECTED all will be revealed.

Home is where…

Before we share more about the hidden treasures of Gippsland, come and explore our retreat, tucked away in the lush green hills.

The Ridge House is our cosy luxe country retreat set in 50 acres of private bushland complete with two walking tracks, a viewing deck ("Loggers Lookout") and breathtaking views towards the Baw Baw Ranges.

From wherever you’re travelling, The Ridge House becomes home the second you step inside.

So near, yet so, so far away…

As you arrive at The Ridge House, the surrounding views and acres of farm and bushland can make you feel you’re a million miles from anywhere...but you’re not.

In fact, you’re only 90-minutes from Melbourne, making it the perfect base to explore West Gippsland and surrounding areas. In just 60 minutes you can be skiing down the slopes of Mount Baw Baw or soaking up the sea and sun on the pristine beaches of Inverloch. It’s a truly unique location.

Leave the bags, let’s explore inside

All guests are warmly welcomed by Kristy and her family, shown around the home and maybe introduced to George, the resident guinea fowl, if he decides to make an appearance.

Listen to the crackle of the roaring fire as you settle in and pour your first glass of red or step out onto the balcony to hear the rustle of native birds and watch the sun drop behind the mountains. To make your first evening extra special we’ll even cook you a homecooked meal or prepare a local cheese board making your arrival the perfect start to your journey into Gippsland.

One of the things our guests love about their stay is that everything they could ever want, is right here waiting. In the kitchen you’ll find a tantalising welcome basket with local produce and fresh breakfast supplies that’s so inviting, you’ll want to dive straight in (if you want more of anything, just ask, we know all our producers).

‘So many thoughtful touches including the breakfast provisions, hot chocolate and firewood.' ~~Laura, Airbnb review.

It’s a place to give in to nature and let the elements guide your day. Nothing is rushed here. You’ll want to breathe deeper, drop your shoulders a little more and slowly drink in the sights and sounds surrounding the property. Feel free to while away a few hours sitting on the balcony or stretch out on the rug with a board game and the sounds of the crackling fire.

When you arrive, it’s time to put the phones away.

‘From the moment you enter the property, you know you are in a special place.’ ~Kate, Airbnb review.

In Ridge Reveals we’ll be sharing stories from our previous guests and inviting them to talk about their experience of their stay. From cooking up a shared meal using locally sourced produce, to using the space for creative inspiration. We want to share with you what it’s like to stay here, from our perspective as hosts, and from our guests.

Into the great outdoors

It’s easy to forget the sky is a mass of stars when you live in the City. You’ll be in no doubt when you visit the Gippsland though. Just wait for nightfall and gaze up.

On a clear night you can bathe under the stars while sitting snugly around our beautifully crafted firepit. We commissioned our local metal artist, Ryan Parsons, to design a one-of-a-kind firepit to reflect the logging history of the area. He cleverly combined old saw blades and salvaged rail nails to create a wonderful centrepiece to gather around, toast marshmallows and share stories with the chink of wine glasses.

Don’t worry about popping out to grab the marshmallows, there’s a jar in the kitchen to get started. Your only job is finding the right roasting stick. Sounds like a good excuse to explore our private walking tracks if you ask us…(Just ask Kristy for directions)

Drink in the views from our specially made viewing platform, Loggers Lookout

Two words always stand out when we speak to previous guests, ‘the view’. Guests can’t get enough of our Gippsland views.

The Ridge House is nestled on a ridge in the Yarragon hills which means you’re treated to jaw-dropping vistas over the valley and out towards the Baw Baw Ranges.

We built a lookout platform called ‘Loggers Lookout’ to capture the incredible views around the property. It has an easy staircase to lead you to the top, and a solid wooden bench to sit back and soak in the surrounding nature.

Pack a picnic, grab a bottle of local vino (we have curated a selection you can buy on-site), bring the blanket, and enjoy a sunset drink from the lookout. Sit back and watch your own private show of Gippsland wildlife to the backdrop of native bird song. Pure heaven.

It was so peaceful taking in the view with a cuppa and we saw wallabies with a joey and heard beautiful birdsong’ ~~Natasha, AirBNB review

Keep following, there’s more to uncover...

Thank you for reading the start of our journey in Ridge Reveals blog. We hope you enjoyed this little taster into your stay at The Ridge House and will follow us for more news and updates about how to get the most out of your stay, and how to appreciate all that Gippsland has to offer.

To stay in the loop, you can sign up to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and Facebook

If you’re interested in booking a stay at The Ridge House, then head to our website or write to us at for more information.

We ♥️Gippsland,

xx Kristy and family

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