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Meet Kristy


I'm an avid traveller

And a frequent Airbnb guest in cosy, premium accommodation.

I appreciate thoughtful hosts who attend to my creature comforts: delicious coffee, a well-stocked pantry, lovely linen, quality soap and shampoo, ample loo paper.

I want welcoming hosts who share precious local knowledge. Where to eat, what to see, how to make the most of my experience on their patch.

I seek out quality, cosy spaces where all of us can put our feet up, prepare delicious meals, and plot our adventures. 


The Ridge House provides everything that my family values in a holiday experience. Comfort, with a dash of luxe. A warm welcome and a heads up on how to enjoy a magical, memorable stay in our fantastic region.

As a bonus, we've added 50 acres of pristine private bushland.

The Ridge House Premium Accommodation
The Ridge House Premium Accommodation

I'm at home in gumboots

I wasn't born into farming, but I've become a proud custodian of 150 acres of precious pasture and bushland.

My family bought Green Hills Farm in 2015. We partnered with skilful, dedicated locals to regenerate pasture and bush breaks, plant an orchard, and install a green garden. Today our farm is a thriving, eco-friendly business producing grass-fed cattle and garlic. None of this was easy, but every sweated drop and stressful weather watching moment was worth it.

We bought The Ridge House in 2017 and restored it in the same attentive, meticulous way we transformed our farm.


Wander along the walking trails, view the valley from Loggers Lookout. Soak up the sound of a bubbling creek and a boisterous kookaburra.

Inside and out, The Ridge House is your place to connect to nature and your most important humans. Restoring The Ridge House restored us. Let it do the same for you.

I'm a lifelong food lover

Scratch me, and you'll find a flour encrusted baker and an insatiably curious cook. My career is in marketing, and when I'm not building brilliant brands, I'm hunting down the freshest ingredients and cooking up a storm.


Enjoy your scrumptious breakfast of fresh local produce. If your goodies aren't grown on Green Hills Farm, they're made with love within two kilometres of your kitchen.

Pleasure test my West Gippsland Foodie's Guide. In cahoots with my family and friends, I've done extensive research. Every recommended treat is a personal favourite.

The Ridge House Premium Accommodation
The Ridge House Premium Accommodation

I'm a stationery tragic

I'm an unabashed hoarder of office supplies.  Be it whimsical or workwoman like, I'm irresistibly drawn to stationery. I'm charmed by witty messages and soothed by a stylishly ordered desk. I'm delighted by small surprises of all kinds, practical, decorative, and (see above) edible. In short, stationery makes me smile. 


We aim to charm, soothe, and delight you, and small surprises play their part in our plan. A vase of freshly picked flowers, a hot chocolate waiting to happen - just add the milk and marshmallows. Light your match-ready fire and enjoy the stack of bone-dry logs. The Ridge House has a hundred ways to make you smile; some of them are small.

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