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Unpacking the guilt of self-care

When Danni Duncan had to cancel her client retreat at The Ridge House, we encouraged her to come solo. It wasn't an easy decision for her to make.

Image 1. Danni reclines on a couch with a cup of tea. Image 2. Danni stands in a black summer dress on the deck. Hand on her baby bump
Danni takes some time to rest and recharge at The Ridge House prior to the birth of her twins

Meet Danni Duncan. The fitness mumma and boss-lady behind The Figure Life. A nutrition, fitness and lifestyle space dedicated to helping women to kick start their health journey, get their confidence back and start feeling like themselves again. Danni is a powerhouse. Running her successful health and fitness business coaching women on the importance of finding balance in the ups and downs of parenting and personal wellbeing, From posting free workouts and nutrition-packed recipes to providing one on one support, Danni’s wants women to feel good, especially in the whirlwind that is motherhood. Her biggest love (besides chocolate and champagne) is living life large with her partner Chris Duncan, being a mum to their daughter Harper and, newly arrived twins Beau and Harlow. Danni was pregnant with the twins when she stayed.

Driven and passionate about health and wellbeing, and a soon to be very busy family life, Danni’s admits that she is known to burn the candle at both ends. That’s life, it can get out of kilter, but Danni recognises the need to recharge, rest and come back to self is vital to ensuring a balanced approached to wellbeing. Just as life is not all kale and squats, so too is it not all sleep-deprived caffeine-fulled days. One way Danni likes to do this is by having a mini-vacay. Danni has stayed at The Ridge House a few times with her family and friends and absolutely loved the sense of nature and space a few nights here brings - it is a complete recharge for everyone. Inspired by her personal experience, Danni worked with us to develop a retreat here for other mummas needing a little 'me time’. It was fully booked and we were all excited. Unfortunately, last-minute lockdown restrictions cancelled the June 2021 retreat. While it was heartbreaking for everyone, we saw it as an opportunity for Danni to have her own 'me time' and encouraged her to come and stay. Take a few days for herself to rest and recharge before her twins' arrival. It took a little convincing.

"The thought of doing something for “me” – for having 2 whole nights and 3 days to completely recharge, look after my mental health and relax made me feel so bad." --Danni (exert from blog 'Escape to The Ridge House')

Read Danni’s latest blog Escape to The Ridge House where she came hubby and child-free with fellow wellness friend Bethany Sita to discover that letting go of 'mumma guilt' is the hardest step to accepting that self-care is the only way to fill your cup and bring you back to firing on all your ‘mumboss’ cylinders again.

"Getting away for 2 nights – to completely relax and recharge – now that was self-care. Letting go of mum guilt was hard – however, it was the only way to refill our cups, to allow us to return to our families ready to face our busy lives with full hearts and heads." --Danni (exert from blog 'Escape to The Ridge House')

Retreat with Danni will now run from Friday 18 February 2022 to Sunday 20 February 2022.

It will be a weekend filled with yoga, nutritious and yummy food (cooked by me, Kristy from our produce at Green Hills Farm), nature hikes, downtime and plenty of sleep in cosy linen beds. Oh, and of course, some chocolate and champagne.


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