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Salty and Spiced Mixed Nuts: A Ridge House Christmas recipe for a perfect festive gift

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

3 glass jars filled with mixed nuts and decorated in Christmas ribbons and fairylights
Who does not love a homemade gift for Christmas!

The holiday season is romping toward us. Time for joy-filled gatherings fuelled by delicious treats. Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, here's a gift guaranteed to spread festive cheer.

A jar of super simple, incredibly moreish, salty, and spiced mixed nuts.

Perfect for impromptu celebrations or a thoughtful hostess gift.

Straight from the kitchen of my kitchen at Green Hills Farm and bound to leave a lasting impression.

Get set for the festive invitations avalanche

It's time to connect with loved ones. You know the drill: Christmas cocktails, dinner parties, Aunt Lillian's infamous 'tipple & jingles' afternoon tea.

Looking for a lovely way to honour the effort your hosts put in to create memorable occasions?

How about a simply delicious jar of homemade mixed nuts?

Go for a game-changing recipe

Made with love and a kickass combination of wine-infused garlic and Australian-sourced sea salt, that's... completely nuts …. but not as you (or anyone else) would know them.

Our original (yep, we CAN claim that) blend of WINE + GARLIC + SALT gifts your nuts a subtle garlicky oomph that elevates them to a whole new level of edible indulgence.

Batch bake and be gift-ready

You won't want to be stuck for a secure supply of these delectable nuts. Store them in sealed glass jars or airtight containers.

They stay fresh for up to four weeks, making them ideal go-to for last-minute gifts or unexpected holiday visits.

Dig out that box of jars you've been saving for 'someday jam and pickles,' and launch your festive baking campaign. Channel your inner Nigella and prepare, bake, pack, and decorate jars of spiced and salty joy in under an hour.

A gift that's yummy AND useful

Besides being criminally delicious, a great stocking stuffer and an impeccable hostess gift, these nuts support local producers. They're made with organically grown Green Hills Farm garlic teamed with nine robust reds made by local rockstar winemakers.

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