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Hallo aus Deutschland

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

After reading about The Ridge House in one of Europe’s loveliest lifestyle magazines, people in Germany are saying 👋 ‘hello’ and signing up for our newsletter.

Like most dark times, last year’s lockdowns came with some silver linings. One of which was a newfound appreciation of the wonders in our own backyard.

Campaigns such as Visit Gippsland and Visit Victoria's #staycloseandgofurther prompted Victorians to book regional accommodation, pack their cars and head out on adventurous road trips.

Ironically, another lockdown silver lining came via serendipitous meetups with lovely, like-minded humans living on the other side of the planet.

UK based travel writer Ali Heath is one such human. Ali was commissioned to write about The Ridge House for ‘Living at Home’, a leading German-language lifestyle magazine.

We talked across the time zones, Ali with her breakfast tea, me with my G&T.

Our chats sparked a joyous, itchy footed urge I hadn’t allowed myself to feel since I packed away my passport during the global pandemic. I remembered just how much I love hearing a new language and exploring new cuisines, cultures, and environments.

Ali’s brilliant article and Marnie Hawson’s exquisite images evoke The Ridge House experience perfectly. Ali also describes the energy and sheer sweaty enjoyment our family invested in transforming a run-down 70s homestead into a tranquil, stylish country haven.

Three design tips in german that Kristy translates into English
Translating my design tips was a bit of fun.

Still, I wondered what curious COVID weary Germans would make of our patch of Australian bushland paradise.

I soon found out.

Pings on The Ridge House website, ‘Hallo aus Deutschland ‘(Hello from Germany) DMs and a flurry of newsletter subscriptions confirmed that the impossible had happened. I’d travelled! Well, a picture of me had anyway.

Now I’m so looking forward to saying ‘Wilkommen im The Ridge House’ to our future German guests who bookmarked Ali’s article as a ‘must visit’ and traversed the planet to find us.

My print copies of ‘Living at Home’ took the obligatory four-month ‘pandemic post time’ to arrive. Now that they’re here, you can:

Download the whole German language, nine-page spread - the images are amazing!

Download PDF • 1.53MB

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