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'All in good taste' with Weekend Australian

My first reaction to an email from The Australian's Luxury Travel journalist to feature The Ridge House was to hit delete.

Kristy is sitting on log outside laughing.
Yep, I'm feeling pretty happy that I did not delete that email

My mum always said, "if it is too good to be true, then it probably is". In this age of internet scams and spam, I almost trashed this email, instead rational me (and yes, excited, giddy, thrilled me) did some research.

Turns out Jeremy Bourke is a lovely fellow and a bonafide writer with well establish journalistic record - phew. We chatted on the phone and arranged dates both him and his wife could stay. Jeremy asked for recommendations and I was all too happy to share my favourite places to drive, visit, shop, eat, wine and dine in West Gippsland. "Come slow down the Yarragon way" I said, and to my great delight, that is exactly what they did.

What I didn't expect was this extraordinary full-page piece on The Ridge House, surrounding areas and a vast showcasing of local businesses and places of interest. This made my heart sing.
"Plumridge is an evanaglist for Gippsland produce... her copious prearrival information includes information on where to eat, sip and shop." -- Jeremy Bourke

Being part of a broader community and supporting local underpins is everything we love about hosting. It is our why. We want to share this special part of Gippsland with everyone. We want you to stay a while and engage in this vibrant community. Live like a local and experience country life for a few days. We are forever grateful that Jeremy Bourke felt this too.

Enjoy the read

Kristy x

Download the full article here or read it below.

Weekend Australian - The Ridge House
Download PDF • 147KB

All in good taste, The Ridge House, Weekend Australian
All in good taste - Weekend Australian

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